Share the Vision

Share the vision Share the vision Share the vision Share the vision Share the vision
Photography courtesy of [Brian Stark]


It was early in 2014 that the application to the Heritage & Enterprise Scheme was submitted. This was to provide funding for the safeguarding of the Dispensary and to enable the procurement of the professionals needed at this stage of the project. Without this funding we would have been unable to go any further.

The Group felt that rather than wait for months for a decision that may be negative, we should celebrate the group’s efforts up to this point in time and share an evening with the public, other organisations, our Patrons and other VIP’s who had supported us along our journey. The event was held at Halle St Peters in Ancoats and over 300 invited guests attended.

Brickhouse Films, a local film company, had heard about the campaign and wanted to help. This film was their contribution to the evening.

Lucy Powell MP couldn’t attend the event but sent a message via video from Westminster on the night.

Art by Julian Bovis

Below is the website of Julian Bovis where he has written about how he came to paint and donate the painting to Ancoats Dispensary Trust. You will find this on the Archive section of Julian’s website