Funding Rejection


With a time-frame of only 18 months, we recognized that raising the approximately £800,000 we needed to match-fund in order for Stage Two to progress, could be an impossible task. Acknowledging that we were a just small group of amateur volunteers, albeit amateurs who had secured Stage One funding, we understood that reaching Stage Two required a higher level of expertise in not only fundraising, but also in developing relationships with high net-worth individuals and trusts. As a result of this, we appointed two professional fundraisers. These fundraisers worked incredibly hard, but unfortunately, the time-frame proved simply too short and many of the funding bodies they applied to didn’t understand the complexities of the newly developed Heritage & Enterprise Scheme. The fundraisers were on the back foot, having to spend precious time explaining the scheme itself before even submitting an application. When it came to the final decision, we had a shortfall of £800,000. The Stage Two application was unsuccessful and the Dispensary was returned to Urban Splash.

Building returned to MCC

Having survived this long, it is our intention to do all we can to ensure that the Dispensary will not be demolished but sensitively retained as a reminder of her importance in the history of Manchester. We have learned that Great Places Housing Trust are to hold public consultations, along with other developers about proposals at several sites in Ancoats and New Islington. Great Places have indicated that they are taking responsibility for the Dispensary site and will be developing the site for affordable housing preserving as much of the heritage features as possible. Please see our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.