Public Consultation 2013

Public Consultation

In order to apply for funding, prepare a governance structure, engage with other organisations, open a bank account and develop a legal structure initially we had to find out from the community itself whether they wanted to retain the Dispensary for a future sustainable community venue. We needed to know if there was an appetite for the Dispensary to be restored before we applied for funding to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A Community Questionnaire was devised and distributed throughout the area to libraries, public houses, churches, housing offices, hairdressers, fish and chip shops and other community venues. People were encouraged to complete the Questionnaire and we returned to collect them after 2 weeks.

Barbara and Linda

Consultation visit to Mayes Gardens, Every Street by the ADT Secretary (Babs) and the ADT Community Co-ordinator (Linda)

As well as the Questionnaire, the group, supported by volunteers from Manchester University, spent 2 week-ends going from door-to-door with questions and asking the residents for ideas that could be fed back and collated as evidence. As a result of this work the Public Consultation document was produced.

Public Consultation

Photograph by Brian Stark