The Mission Statement

To promote the conservation and restoration of the Ancoats Dispensary for the benefit of the communities now living in the Ancoats and surrounding neighbourhoods. This supports the wider economic, social and cultural regeneration of Manchester. The Industrial Revolution had to begin in a specific place and that place was Manchester – more specifically Ancoats. The history of Ancoats, and in particular the Ancoats Dispensary, does not belong only to Manchester. It is a global heritage treasure and belongs to the world.

The saving and restoration of Ancoats Dispensary would not only give the area historical context, but also add a depth and richness to the new communities arriving in the neighbourhood. It would connect with those whose roots are buried deep in an area bursting at the seams with memories. No site in Manchester, and very few sites in Britain, epitomise the historic interplay of medicine, social history and community action better than Ancoats Dispensary.

This website commemorates the Ardwick & Ancoats Dispensary and the campaign to save the building from demolition. A campaign such as this was not for the faint-hearted and it is testament to the people involved that despite all the obstacles, despite the failure to secure the final funding for the Dispensary restoration, this building still remains standing and awaits her uncertain future.

What is unique about the project to save this Grade II listed building is that it began as a grassroots campaign but transitioned into a project delivery operational team with our partners Igloo Regeneration and Purcell architects. Unfortunately, our team was faced with the task of raising £800,000 to match-fund within a very short time-frame. Despite the independently audited business plans, a clear public need for a health and well-being ‘place’ and a huge commitment from some of the city’s stakeholders, our funders ultimately decided not to take the project forward to Stage 2 restoration.